let’s get it on tonight

the 2005/06 recording „let’s get it on tonight“ is my first collaboration with new york rapper jus nyce. it is being promoted during the soccer worldchampionship in germany in 2006 and receives about 59000 online hits.

let's get it on tonight
let's get it on tonight

the site it was promoted at was called “wet-tshirt-worldcup” where you could let girls from various nations dance to the song, pour some water over their shirts and all that sort of fun.

the site is no longer online, though…

I recorded the song in a friend’s basement in brooklyn and for the vocals we went to famous quad studios on time square.

I did two versions of the song, each with different backing vocals. one version features dutch singer aafje, the other new york singer mia rebel who is crazy cool!

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