Live Show

The Hare and the Dog

shortly after the rouge&noir performances I presented  yet another performance with hester boverhuis on vocals/laptop. „the hare and the dog“ tells fairytales from various cultures.

we performed this on easter 2003. it was originally thought to be a fairy tale afternoon for children. but we soon discovered that making music for children is extremely difficult and that we, at that point, were not able to accopmlish the task. so we stuck to who we were and wrote music that fits adults and makes the fairy tales we wanted to present sound as crazy as possible.  reading fairy tales from all over the world was extreme fun and I learned more about myself and the world than ever before. I got cought up in the world of funny creatures and weird stories that my whole life began to be cut like all the stories combined. more of that in another post…

so, “the hare and the dog” was a success and our audiences were more than swept away.

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