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reviews – no trespassing

„… A very well packaged CD, and the music lives up to the packaging. Up to the minute jazz , with variey, excellent compositions -plus polished arrangements and performances.
Richard Good, Radio One 91 FM

„One of the most unusual and original material I’ve received in recent months! International team of great musicians led by, unpredictable Juergen Reiter shifts throuh different song structures with ease producing excellent sound experience. Must admit, never heard of Mr. Reiter before, but from now on he’s on my list of people I’d like to hear more and more again…“
Vasja Ivanovski, 94.1 FM RADIO 2

„Certainly a great mixture of experimental fusion of sounds/electronics and a strong structure of Jazz. From beginning to end, this is a journey to many unknown/known territories…“
Paul Jove, Radio Contemporanea 103.7FM

no trespassing liner notes
no trespassing liner notes

„…very interesting cd, that offers a lot to discover. curious about the next release and how the group´s sound will evolve…“
Robert Lochmann, Radio X (Frankfurt), DJ Jazzmadass

„This is a great CD !!! Full of very interesting sound scapes that challenge and also full of very traditional straight jazz…“
Mark Robinson, GeorgeFM

„Fine adventurous writing and ensemble playing…“
Mal Stanley, ABC Classic FM

„…Nice trax… I like your “take’ on the jazz realm…it’s fresh and groovy!“
Mitchell Mendys WKNH Keene

no trespassing credits
no trespassing credits

„What a great sound you have…“
Michael Criddle Triple H-FM

„Brilliant, innovative jazz grounded in the traditional roots with a nice use of electronics (never too much), real pleasant melodies, all the musicians are doing a good job.“
Pascal Dorban Radio ARA, Luxembourg
“…remarkable recording…”
Dick Hughes, Jazz Action Productions, Sidney, Australia

“The album is really great…Keep up the good work!”
Filipe Santos, Pais Relativo, RUA FM, Portugal

“What wonderful music! The cd is well paced and the compositions are fascinating. Great musicians.”
Steve MacLeod – Host of Jazzology on Cjsr FM

no trespassing more credits
no trespassing more credits

„we LOVE the new disc from Juergen Reiter and his
group ORkAaN ORkEstRA here at 100,000 watt radio station KUMD in Duluth MN, USA…Great new release!!“
John Ziegler, 100,000Watt Radio Station, KUMD, Duluth, USA

„This is certainly an interesting and intriguing recording and offers a different slant on Electronic Music. It is innovative in concept and meaning and it takes several listenings to understand the purpose and objective of the Album. I was also very impressed with rhythm and bass and percussion backing, it is well laid down and evolves well with the Electronics.“
John Reid, Keith Community Radio 102.8 F

„Juergen Reiter ens porta la seva darrera producció entre Manhattan i Europa, a cavall dels dos continents i de dues maneres d’entendre la música. En aquest món multi-cultural, el seu só també ho troba, i les diferents influèncias s’hi deixen sentir tant com la procedència dels mebres de la banda, “Orkaan Orkestra”, indiquen. L’àlbum, titulat “No Trespassing”, conte 10 peces que experimenten en sons, estils i improvitzacions varies sobre un únic coixí d’esplèndit jazz. Aquest és ja el seu 7è projecte musical, des de l’any 2002. Aquest jove i creatiu music té ara 36 anys. Més informació a www.orkaan.com. L’àlbum es pot adquirir a http://cdbaby.com…“
Rafel Corbi, Radio Palafrugell, Costa Brava, Spain

no trespassing front & back
no trespassing front & back