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golden ash



golden ash
eyes open
debris of a 1000 hours
what is the meaning of heartbreak

shoes tied
mouth open wide
goodbyes on the way to the station
take this train but be aware
that you can never leave

eyes open
key to all riddles
dream come true but I can’t live it
next thing I know Im sitting again
with my head in my hands
sipping coffee thinking hard
about how to get out

I take a plane
I try again
just to stumble over debris I sowed
when I felt golden ash in my eyes
diamonds glissening in the sun
of another lost moment

I gave the night



all I’ve got to do
I want to tell you
about martha, my dear
her majesty
I said don’t let me down
oh darling
but you run for your life
everytime when I get home

every little thing
that comes from me to you
happens cause I’ve got to get you
into my life

hold me tight
I call your name
you say I don’t want to see you again
I pretend I feel fine
but there’s nobody I know
you say think for yourself
but not a second time
it’s only good morning good morning
and never good night

happyness is a warm gun
it’s a hard day’s night
here and everywhere

I call out your name
I need you
cause tomorrow never knows

don’t you think
we can work it out
what goes on
what if I needed someone
I’ll cry instead
because I carry that weight
you say cry baby cry
but not a second time
it’s only good morning good morning
and never good night

across the universe
all your loving
you gave the night before
now there’s no reply
only a lonely song

your charm drink well


we felt like pilgrims crossing water
staring down at the tide
the ferryman leans on his pole
and shoves us towards the other side

don’t drink the water from the well
resist the devil’s soothing charm
and you should never leave your trail
just keep on walking till you’re gone

the rain falls from the ground
and drops back to the sky
in mirrorlined cafes ten stories high
lizards, tigers and reptile hounds
pour stolen whiskey on the ground