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no trespassing, debut album ORkAaN ORkEstRA

in 2004 I went back to new york to work on music I wrote over a stretch of 3 years. the result is the debut album „no trespassing“ of my group ORkAaN ORkEstRA, released in april 2004.

no trespassing
no trespassing

the album received wide critical acclaim and worldwide airplay on both major and independent radiostations.

Scott Colley, bassist with herbie hancock, jim hall, among others, wrote about the album:
„ORkAaN ORkEstRA has created a beautiful recording. the music is
arranged with a wide array of influences. the use of electronics with
the acoustic instruments adds interesting textures at just the right
moments. the music on this recording also makes me sure that this was
made by a real group. created by artists that all had input. It is very
clear from the first listening that the ORkAaN ORkEstRA is a true

it was a great experience to work with all these wonderful musicians.
there were dimitri moderbacher on reeds and flute, steve blanco on piano, steven nasi on drums, will de vos on french horn, and dave kirkpatrick on noise guitar. recording engineer was john hopkins, who was crazy enough to put my ideas about production to action. very cool stuff!

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