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circus circus



circus circus
the stakes are getting high
noone smokes noone reads
noone tells a lie
they all just try to get away

and just as they’re about to leave
they feel total need
total need to fill their brains
with tragically junk-ridden phantasies
about the newest latest
about the latest hype

the air is cool
the mist is gone
you can drink blue water from the sky
and a thousand hungry clocks
tick away in total boredom

they leave you blank

for you can only hear their ticktock

and it never ends

“…there’s only two single events in a man’s life
the starting and stopping of the clock…”

I’m sitting behind my desk
building little wooden boxes
out of bamboo
to hide my flesh in them
the flesh I left behind a long time ago
and which one day will save me
from being recognized
as the one who always tried hard
but never succeeded
the one who had his whole life
laid out perfectly straight
right in front of him
the wife
the kids
the suburban single family home
the loan with no interest
the car
the patio furniture
and the carefully tailored lawn in front of the house
with a little stick in the ground sign saying
no ball playing here

it was one of the greatest love stories of all times

brought to great hights
visually arresting
like bombshell beauties

strippingfor emerging executives
who explore sustainable marketing strategies

I hung all that
toghether with my flesh
and went for a swim

god how I hated the lawn in front of the house
green through all seasons
green to an extent
as if ants had carefully arranged
green sequin on a million threads
piece by piece
and laid them out symmetrically on the ground
the whole ordeal now shimmering
like silk in the morning sunlight

these are
early impressions
of a breakup

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