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Articles about music projects I have done over the last couple of years.

Music of exciting circumstances of life in ecstatic sound


The Baby at work. After launching CD Baby, building it, selling it and living a minimalist life, Derek Sivers gave the creative world an exceptional tool to publish and market their work. The folks who took over the operation from Derek continue his work in an excellent way and have since built various possibilities for artists to promote their work. For independent artists like us (me & you) it is perfect to go public with our work, make it available on the main channels that once were only accessible by major label artists.


In the light of an ever changing world more and more artists find new ways to work on their art. They find an audience and release art to their audience. Derek was one of the founders of that new and extraordinary world.

I was lucky enough to have met him in person and can say from that experience that the man really lives what he preaches.

For us artists it means that we can strive and make a living and make more art for our audiences.

I just remembered that today when I realized I have already sold more of my work through CD Baby and Film Baby than any other outlet.


Not only do I want to draw attention to some heroes of mine but also celebrate making a living in unconventional ways. The DVD I made in 2008 is dedicated to all these heroes.

I called this show Breakdown on Paradise Blvd. “showdown in three acts”. Together with Hester Boverhuis of Amsterdam I wrote this show in 2003.

We performed it at a Munich gallery called Lothringer 13. The show is a trip to subconscious parts of the brain. Based on the experimental gonzo lifestyle and writings of Hunter Thompson and William Burroughs the show contains cut-ups of texts by Burroughs, Thompson and the Grimm brothers, plus fragments taken from a conversation of David Bowie and William Burroughs.

We staged exceptional surreal circumstances of life in sound, word and picture and recorded the show in Amsterdam the same year. After a hard fight to get funding for the post production, I was able to finally finish it in 2008, five years after the performance.

It is now a supercool DVD in 5.1. surround sound, the original stereo track and stunning visuals. A real trip, I’m proud to say!



Angel with a Dream – Practicing

with 2 days left before going into the studio to record “Music of Ghouls” I think it’s time to give you another short video about how I practice my songs with only voice and upright bass. the challenge is, of course, to get all the rhythms, harmonies and vocals under control at the same time…

well, this one you heard before here, but this is a video of me actually playing the whole song.

have fun with it…

Music of Ghouls – A Story About The Undead Living On The Shores Of The River Styx

Musis of Ghouls

The Obulus

In ancient times the ferryman Charon carried the dead over the river Styx. It was their last journey from our world into the underworld, also known as “Hades”. Charon required payment for his service and the relatives of the dead put one or two coins either on their eyes or under their tongue. This payment is called The Obulus.

But there were also those who couldn’t pay the ferryman. He would still carry them over the river but they could not enter into the underworld. Instead, they have to live on the dark shores of the river for eternity. These ghouls are restless and to relieve themselves of their misery they use the ferryman to carry back their stories over the river and into our world.

I am the Ghouls voice

Music of Ghouls is a collection of their stories. I play the ferryman and tell these stories in the ghouls voices. I change character from song to song to match the character of the ghouls.

Meet some of the Ghouls:

The Xpert

A man who has read any book that’s ever been written. He knows all these books by heart and can quote from them at any time. If women want to be with him (and they do!) they have to write him letters asking for information. Only when these letters are long enough, he might accept to be surrounded by questions of the chosen one for ever.

The Horse Dark Lady

A woman, who can’t stand when people talk to her. their words are like stones thrown into her face. so she left society and decided to live with horses, because they are the only living creature that can calm her down. now she pulls a gun on anyopne who tries to speak to her.

Vogel der Nacht (Bird of the Night)

A Lady who is also known as the underaged widow and he gave herself literally to anyone who wanted her because she thought this way someday someone might just see the heavenly light shining in her.

I’ve got money

This song is about a young kid who’s only dream is to live the life of a millionaire but he doesn’t want to work for it so he just clings to those who seem to have money until they either run out of it or prove not to provide the desired lifestyle. He’s a real parasite.

Sally Bones

is a lady who, in a quest for happiness, shovels through the dirt and garbage of this world looking for lost dreams and desires she could turn into her own.


These are just a couple of examples of the ghouls I turned into songs.

I recorded some parts of the album in my own studio on the Upright Bass and all the live instruments I recorded with the band El Chico Blanco at Seizures Palace recording studio in Brooklyn, New York.