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The Band that brings New Orleans to Munich

Voodoo Blues Live

If Quentin Tarantino is in need of a soundtrack for his next road movie – here it is!

Dr. Will uses too much sugar and alcohol … appropriately so: Because of this, on his album Itching Again you can experience the dirty streets, the melancholic smell of whiskey-drained nights, the life of pirates, drunks and whores!

Dr. Will spent the first half of the 90’s in London, recording and producing Indie Bands as well as touring Europe with his Blues Rock trio The Shout. By the end of the 90’s, after living in Louisiana and an extensive interchange with the local musicians, Dr. Will brought the original New Orleans Rhythm ‘n’ Blues to Europe. In addition to his growly Blues voice, the visual components became a more and more important element of his shows.

He now presents self-penned songs that break the confines of Blues, being compared to the likes of G. Love or Tom Waits. Concurrently Dr. Will’s commitment to a long tradition of storytelling adds to the uniqueness of his song arrangements.

Meet the Band

When Dr. Will and his band The Wizards enter the stage, pure shindig is being celebrated: Clanking megaphone and distorted banjo meet mannequin, Voodoo Priest and Radio DJ are working their way around bedside lamps and an old telephone. This isn’t just your old Blues Rock Band fiddling away endlessly, it’s a theatrical performance!

The Wizards are a wild bunch of weird-headed, yet highly professional musicians. With their high-energy-playing they pimp the Blues back to life and revolutionize it at the same time.

The list of albums continues to grow and by 2022 he has won the prestigious “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik” twice. One for the album Cuffs Off and another one for the album Addicted to Trouble. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the show!

Tour dates are HERE!


Uptown and the Bronx, riding the 1 Train Video

The best rappers are the New York City metro conductors. Here’s a little video I shot and scored some music to. Unfortunately, digital camera quality back then wasn’t what it is today. maybe if you watch it from far far away it’ll be a bit more focused…

I shot along the 1 train, and some sections feature the infamous coffeeshop hostess Frau Viola.

The video was not shot in the Bronx, as many assume, but in Manhattan, where all the station entrances to the 1 line say “uptown and the bronx”, so when I thought about a title for the film this came to mind. I guess if you read something a million times it sticks.

To me this document brings up fond memories of a really good time in a great city. Hope it makes you feel the same way.

Wetten, dass…?

besides being an artist and composer I  (over the last couple of years) produced numerous soundscapes for europes biggest live tv event (15million viewers average) „wetten, dass…?“

it features german showmaster thomas gottschalk who guides through an elaborate show of celebrities, risky and funny games, and high impact showacts.

glad to be part of it!