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Build and destroy. Do it like a kid.

Today at the playground with my kids. They build sandcastles like maniacs, with total devotion, not noticing anything that goes on around them. After they’re done, what do they do? They destroy everything.

“Why do you do that?” I hear someone say.

Here’s why. Because it’s not about having the castle. It’s about building it. Kids learn by building things. They then destroy everything so they can build (=learn) some more.

When do we get trained to think that it’s better to have things instead of creating things?

Create and learn. Start now.

2 Ways to focus like Yoda.

We all need to focus every day to get our art done and to ship it, means to put it in front ot an audience. Unfortunately it’s become more and more difficult to focus well. Too much stuff going on in the world.

No, wait. There’s always been the same amount of stuff going on, but now we just get interrupted by it more often. Constantly.

If you want to get things done, there are two simple ways to get into the zone.

1. Don’t read the news (or any other publication).
Stop buyng newspapers, magazines etc. Read the headlines on your way to the coffeeshop. The really important news will reach you no matter what. Just don’t actively bring that kind of noise into your system.

2. Work, then switch on your computer.
The easiest way to shut off the noise is to NOT switch it on in the first place. If you have work that needs to get done, do it first, then, AFTER you’re done, switch on the noise if you need to.

Do not disturb!

Create a greater time period to focus on your critical tasks. It’s important that you do not let the world disturb you with random questions and social or personal issues. When you practice, switch off social media completely. Practicing is the core of a musician’s work. Don’t let anybody mess with it. We are all here to focus on music and developing ourselves as musicians. Our fans depend on us to provide focused quality work.

What do you miss when you switch off the world for a couple of hours a day?


Photography by Rintakumpu on a Creative Commons License