Luca Nostro wrote and recorded a fabulous album called Ulrich. it was inspired by robert musil’s novel “the man without qualities“.

I’m posting this because I think music is the best medium to coexist with any other artform. and it doesn’t matter if the music was there first or if it got “added” to an existing piece of art later on. read the novel (which by itself is excellent, by the way!) with luca’s music as the soundtrack and maybe you’ll get a different understanding of the book than without the music. it’s like looking at a painting through the eyes of a different person.

here are the details of the recording:

Ulrich is the debut contemporary jazz album of Luca Nostro NYC Unser Quartet, recorded in New York City with a private grant from Italy.

Luca Nostro lives in Rome and New York, where he teamed up with some of the most in demand players on the scene, Donny McCaslin (saxophone), Francois Moutin (acoustic bass) and Dan Weiss (drums).

The album consists of 8 original compositions, which are inspired by the novel

The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil, whose main charachter is Ulrich, a man involved in an incomplete attempt to solve the juxtaposition of mathematics and mysticism.

Ten years ago Luca Nostro’s life, like the life of the book’s main character Ulrich, is charachterized by thought, not by action. Luca himself describes these times as his contemplative period.

Then, after editing a book and writing many articles about philosophy of music, Luca abandons Ulrich-habits and gets absorbed in the discipline of musical improvisation and in the world of sound.

Composing the 8 tracks of Ulrich, Luca takes a journey back to his contemplative period, gathering fragments along the way which would otherwise have been lost.