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Dead On Arrival – Lange Nacht der Musik


we all live on junktime! what’s your junk?

I lived a cut-up experiment a’la william burroughs for the last year and put all my fortunes in a hat, left it on the stoop outside for all of you to gather what I discovered along the way. this is a real life experiment and the results are stunning. no advertising, no salespitch, only the facts about what it means to cut up your life, shuffle the pieces and put it together again in no specific order.

come along, take the ride! each cut up piece turned itself into a song and a story, which I’m happy to tell you on may 23rd at munich’s finest art venue.

this is a city-wide festival (lange nacht der musik). for only €15 you can see shows all around town from dusk till dawn.

I’ll be there for you to see at rationaltheater, hesseloherstr.18, 80802 muenchen. 11:30pm

bring 5 people to the show and I’ll pay you back the €15 bucks for the evening! or maybe we’ll just cut it up!

plus, I’ll be giving out free music downloadcards (listen here) to those of you who bring anything cut-up from your life’s junk to the show!

see you soon!

Download Cards


I used these music-pin downloadcards as tickets for my last show “dead on arrival”.

the idea is to give my audience more than just a concert. mp3’s are multipliable without having to stack shelves either here at my house or at the distributor or store. I give the cards to people who come to the show so they can download a bit of my music for free. plus, when I go on tour, I don’t have to bring boxes full of heavy CD’s. the pin-cards are small (500 cards fill up half a shoebox!) and they can hold up to 20 songs.

reactions at the concert were superb. people liked the idea and, of course, everyone likes a free treat. plus, music-pin pays royalties for every download-transaction.

Next show (may 23rd) I’ll start an experiment: Everyone who buys 10 cards (€15) and gives them to 10 friends will receive free entrance to my shows in 09.

see you at the show

dead on arrival – show 11th april


muzak from junkyards – live april 11th at rationaltheater in munich, germany.

the ticket contains a free 3 song download!

bring 5 friends to the show and you get in for free, your 5 friends get a €2 discount!

we play music on carwheels, exhaustpipes, laptop, drums, double bass and mix in some spoken word cut-up’s a’la william burroughs. the show is about a man who does no longer want to race from one hype to the next. he’s giving up his junk, the hype! sounds familiar? then this is for you!

see the german description below:

“Dead On Arrival”, 11. April 2009, Rationaltheater, Eintritt €12
Muzak from Junkyards – Fahrstuhlmusik vom Schrottplatz

Muzak definiert sich als die gezielte Veränderung der akustischen Verhältnisse am jeweiligen Einsatzort in eine bestimmte Richtung. Sie dient z. B. sowohl der Überlagerung störender Umgebungsgeräusche als auch der Vermeidung einer unerwünschten, weil als bedrückend empfundenen Stille. Motiviert ist diese Veränderung stets durch das Bestreben, die Stimmung und Gefühlslage der Menschen in eine positive Richtung zu lenken und sie so zum Verweilen anzuhalten und aggressionshemmend zu beeinflussen.

Die Show “Dead On Arrival” von Juergen Reiter ist Muzak from Junkyards.  Juergen bringt den Schrottplatz zum Klingen. Autofelgen, Metallplatten, und ein Sammelsurium an undefinierbarem Kleingerät kommen zum Einsatz. Gepaart wird dieses Kuriositätenkabinett mit Laptop, Drums, Kontrabass und surrealistischen Spoken Word Cut-Ups a’la William Burroughs.

Musikalisch bewegen sich die Songs Juergen Reiters zwischen Charlie Mingus, Tom Waits und Einstuerzenden Neubauten.


Jede Eintrittskarte enthält einen Code für einen freien Download von 3 Songs aus der Show.

Wer 5 Freunde zum Konzert mitbringt hat freien Eintritt. Die 5 Freunde jeweils 2 Euro Ermässigung.

Um Rückmeldung wird gebeten, Karten gibt’s nur an der Abendkasse.