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Dead On Arrival – Live Stream Concert


virtual reality meets art music and dance

on november 10th I’ll be playing and hosting a live stream concert of my show dead on arrival together with muenchen 852 formerly known as muenchen 851.

so far the concert involves a 4piece band, a dance crew and a group of graffiti artists.

the live concert will take place at munich’s i-camp theater. we will run a video and music stream to at least 2 other locations in munich where the dance crew and the sprayer group will perform to the virtual band which will be on huge screens with full sound.

the music, dance and art performance will take place simultaniously in at least three different locations in the city. all artists will perform live to the music of the band.


if you’d like to participate, send me an email ( I’m still looking for artists to take part in this unique event.

I’ll announce the involved locations as the project rolls along.

Dead On Arrival Live Feinspeiserei


I’ll be performing at feinspeiserei this thursday, june 18th, at around 21h.

time to celebrate and enjoy a hot sweaty evening with kickass drinks and some world class fiddle action on stage.

it’s about time to face your junk and get sucked into a real heroin dream.
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juergen reiter’s dead on arrival live at feinspeiserei, dachauer str. 114 (pathostheater gelände), thursday 18.6.09, 21h the event is sponsored by muenchen 851

as always, everyone of you beautiful people will get free downloads of my music!

see ya