I read the book rework by jason fried and loved it. it’s like your best buddy giving you great tips on how to do business. forget all the dry business books that tell you how to write a business plan so you can spend the next 10 years perfecting only that instead of actually doing something useful right now!

there’s a chapter about constraints. use what you have and don’t take constraints as a crutch or an excuse not to start something you’d love to do.

I’m in the middle of recording my new album “music of ghouls” and the way I wanted to do it, I wanted to record all the basic tracks (actually up to 80% of the album) myself here in my studio. it’s limited. 3 microphones, a bass, my voice, a laptop and a couple of weird instruments I collected at a scrapyard.

I wasn’t happy with the sound of most of it, struggling with how to properly play a cool groove on car wheels etc.

so, after having read the book I decided to throw out everything I thought I desperately needed to get the right sound. forget all the weird instruments.

now it’s just me and my bass. going to record 80% of the album with just my voice and the upright bass. the other 20% will be recorded in new york in the summer, adding attitional kickass sounds played by kickass musicians!

if you’re interested in the recording process, follow me on twitter or facebook. I’ll do regular online live streams from the recording sessions until the album is complete!

the live streams will be here.

constraints rock!