we all live on junktime! what’s your junk?

I lived a cut-up experiment a’la william burroughs for the last year and put all my fortunes in a hat, left it on the stoop outside for all of you to gather what I discovered along the way. this is a real life experiment and the results are stunning. no advertising, no salespitch, only the facts about what it means to cut up your life, shuffle the pieces and put it together again in no specific order.

come along, take the ride! each cut up piece turned itself into a song and a story, which I’m happy to tell you on may 23rd at munich’s finest art venue.

this is a city-wide festival (lange nacht der musik). for only €15 you can see shows all around town from dusk till dawn.

I’ll be there for you to see at rationaltheater, hesseloherstr.18, 80802 muenchen. 11:30pm

bring 5 people to the show and I’ll pay you back the €15 bucks for the evening! or maybe we’ll just cut it up!

plus, I’ll be giving out free music downloadcards (listen here) to those of you who bring anything cut-up from your life’s junk to the show!

see you soon!