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schwabing loves “ursula repüblik” loves artists

just wanted to say thanks for the cool presentation of my concert on your blog, ursula repüblik! die repüblik hosts a festival about good old schwabing (schwabing 2.0),  munich’s oldest artist quarter, which, after sporting only creepy disco joints for years, now is on it’s best way to being cool again.

cafe’s like frau viola and vereinsheim jump-started it, many cool places followed and are still following.

now there’s a new kid on the block, and she loves artists.

thanks for being cool!

uptown and the bronx, riding the 1 train video

I think the best rappers are the new york city metro conductors. here’s a little video I shot and scored some music to. unfortunately, digital camera quality back then wasn’t what it is today. maybe if you watch it from far far away it’ll be a bit more focused…

I shot along the 1 train, and some sections feature the infamous coffeeshop hostess frau viola. the video was not shot in the bronx, as many assume, but in manhattan, where all the station entrances to the 1 line say “uptown and the bronx”, so when I thought about a title for the flick this came to mind. I guess if you read something a million times it sticks.

to me this little document brings up fond memories of a really good time in a great city. hope it makes you feel the same way.