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Bayardo San Roman – The One Who Got Away

this is a video of the song bayardo san roman. he’s a character of one of my favourite bookschronicle of a death foretoldby gabriel garcia marquez. the book does not tell anything about bayardo’s later whereabouts. marquez only says he left town and was never seen again. no one knows what happened to him.

I overheard an interview, actually more a casual conversation between an elderly bayardo and a stranger at a bar somwhere in south america. it is the only time bayardo ever mentioned the circumstances discribed by marquez and what happened to him after the story ended.

I was able to capture the conversation in sound and word.

Dead On Arrival Live Feinspeiserei


I’ll be performing at feinspeiserei this thursday, june 18th, at around 21h.

time to celebrate and enjoy a hot sweaty evening with kickass drinks and some world class fiddle action on stage.

it’s about time to face your junk and get sucked into a real heroin dream.
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juergen reiter’s dead on arrival live at feinspeiserei, dachauer str. 114 (pathostheater gelände), thursday 18.6.09, 21h the event is sponsored by muenchen 851

as always, everyone of you beautiful people will get free downloads of my music!

see ya