I used these music-pin downloadcards as tickets for my last show “dead on arrival”.

the idea is to give my audience more than just a concert. mp3’s are multipliable without having to stack shelves either here at my house or at the distributor or store. I give the cards to people who come to the show so they can download a bit of my music for free. plus, when I go on tour, I don’t have to bring boxes full of heavy CD’s. the pin-cards are small (500 cards fill up half a shoebox!) and they can hold up to 20 songs.

reactions at the concert were superb. people liked the idea and, of course, everyone likes a free treat. plus, music-pin pays royalties for every download-transaction.

Next show (may 23rd) I’ll start an experiment: Everyone who buys 10 cards (€15) and gives them to 10 friends will receive free entrance to my shows in 09.

see you at the show