For an adventurous french film maker I played some foley. As I drift more and more into the field of sound design I realize I’m going back to my roots more and more.

In 1998 I had a huge and liberating encounter with french bassist Joelle Leandre, a colleague of John Cage. I went to Paris to take lessons with her and that’s when I realized that sound is music. Any sound in this world is music.

So being a foley artist is like playing music to me, only with sounds of shoes, cloth and things like ductape to create the feel of a cigarette burning.

At this time I’m learning from a sound designer who works for cinema and creates incredible worlds of sounds to make the pictures bigger than life.

Take that to music and you’ve got a whole different approach to generating sound, live and in the studio.

I guess the lesson is to step outside, do something that doesn’t seem to be connected to you. Learn it and you will make you view your life in a totally new and rich way.

Step outside your circle.

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