What is Patreon?

(If you’re in a hurry, only read the first paragraph and you’ll know everything you need to know. If you’d like to dig deeper, read it all!)

Patreon is a platform that lets artists create communities that support the artist by monthly payments in exchange for art. It allows us creators to generate monthly income so we can pay our bills and create art that you enjoy.

To create art we (artists) need to pay for our education, instruments and equipment, recording studios, filmmakers, offices, staff, transportation to get to the gig, food, housing and everyone involved needs a salary to support themselves and their families.

We continuously invest in our art and everything that comes with it to improve ourselves as artists and to improve the quality of our creations.

Become a Patron!

You can become a Patron

As a Patron you will have access to my newest music and performance projects. This content is “exclusive” which means you get it before anybody else and only here. This is the place to actively experience my entire creative process and get access to the material I use to create music.

These are some examples of what you’ll get as a Patron:

  • Finished Music, recorded mixed and mastered in the studio.
  • Sound Packs of sounds I create in the studio and use in my music (sometimes from weird objects, field recordings, etc) that you can use in your own non-commercial projects.
  • Stems, which are the single tracks of instruments and vocals that make up a whole recording, to use in your own non-commercial projects.
  • Live streams and web chats where we can discuss everything from art to life to philosophy, gear, skills, music, football, fashion, the climate crisis and everything in between.

Your patronage enables me to keep creating music and to improve and get more and better art out to you. You give me a chance to focus on creating art and to have a little peace of mind knowing I can provide for my family as well.

For that I am grateful and would like to thank you for taking action to engage with an artist on this level!

Where I come from:

I’ve been into music, and I mean really into music, a geek, a nerd and totally absorbed by music since I was 13 years old. That’s when I discovered my love for the bass. The bass is the most wonderful instrument ever invented. It carries both the harmonies and rhythms of music at the same time and delivers the heavy punch in the gut that makes you dance.

I took private lessons, attended Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam for 4 years and the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College in New York for another 2 earning a Masters Degree in Music.
Since 2003 I’ve been creating music continuously and honing my skills as a composer, bassist and performer. I’ve released 10 albums, played a huge number of performances and participated in other artists projects. In other words, I’ve invested well over 15 years of my time in learning the craft, not to mention thousands of dollars for teachers and colleges. But school is not over. Every day I discover new and exciting ways to create and play music. It’s a life long lesson.

I thrive on the direct interaction with my audience, the freedom to create without having to go through a middle man. I love to create and share instantly.

Art Patronage and the Power of the Crowd

It’s not new, almost all of our beloved classical composers relied on patrons for support and I’m happy that the same technology that enables the big business of today also allows single artists like me to talk to my audience and get connected on a 1o1 basis.

I believe in the power of crowds, no one lives in a bubble. Only when we pull the strings together can we move forward.

If you’ve been reading this far, it means you’re part of a grassroots movement, underground, cool and connecting directly with the artists you love. It means that there’s a nerve in you tickling your desire to connect with artists and creators as well as other people who just like you love the arts and everything that’s happening under the radar of mass media.

Here you have the power to get access to art and it’s creation in a way you would never be able otherwise. In a world where the arts are less and less able to survive on their own, a membership site like this is a big opportunity for artists to live and create daily and provide for their families.

Here’s what I want to do

I want to create music every day, because only when I create I’m happy. I want to know that my music can provide for my life and family and that my kids see their father creating and that they hopefully will grow up to being creators themselves. If not through art, then by creating a beautiful rich life full of joy and colour for themselves and their children. Creating is my way of celebrating life and making the world a bit brighter.

Yes, I ask for Money:

Most of my content is for free. It’s on youtube, my website or Soundcloud or Bandcamp and you can listen and watch at your own leisure.

I would like to thank you for your membership and I hope to see you at one of my shows, or online, so we can all be part of this community.



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