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Preparation for bands and musicians to perform better live on stage.

Killer Live Show engages Fans and makes them buy your Music.

If you’re in a band you need to manage a lot of things at the same time. Booking, rehearsing, writing songs, arranging songs and more.

One thing that is essential in addition to everyting else is the development of a live show. The live show is not only where musicians make their money, but also the most valuable asset of a band to make and engage fans and to turn them into superfans (who will buy from you).

Bands who deliver a great live show rock the house.

Bands that gain fans fast and make a good living even without a record label have one thing in common: a killer live show.

What could you do to engage your audience?

How can you win fans over at your next show?

Could you arrange your songs for the stage?

What could you do to connect with your audience from the stage and charge them with emotion.

Producer for your Live Show

Many aspects of how to enhance your live show can be easily addressed by hiring a live music producer. You’d work with a producer in the studio to make your sound rock, why not hire one to create a kick ass live show!

Benefits of working on your Live Show with a Producer

  • More audience feedback at shows
  • Bigger audiences (because the word about a great performance spreads)
  • Concert promoters will hire you more often
  • Increasing merchandising sales at shows
  • Less stage fright
  • You’ll attract labels and industry pros more easily
  • Develop your unique voice as an artist

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Muscles for your stage performance.

Schwarzenegger is undoubtetly (if you like him or not) the most successful and popular bodybuilder of all times. In one of his books he mentions something he did on stage while performing in front of juries and which, in his eyes, made him stand out from his competitors.

It seems to be a little thing, but it made a big difference.

Watching his fellow competitors, he noticed that they all made the same mistake. He noticed that when they were not in the spotlight, they lost their attitude and relaxed facial expression. The most important thing (in all professions) is to make what you do look easy. It’s not easy to squeeze every fiber of your muscles and still keep a smile on your face. When his competitors performed in the background (or while entering the stage) they didn’t care about making it look easy because they thought they’re off the spotlight, out of sight out of mind (of the jury).

Big mistake.

Schwarzenegger also noticed that the jury checked out all competitors all the time, even when they were not currently in the spotlight.

So what did he do?

He made it a rule to always look comfortable, make it look easy, and sport a relaxed face and smile the entire time he is on stage and visible to the jury. He says that this was one of the advantages he had when competing and that for this reason juries, audiences and the press always thought of him as a nice relaxed dude even under intense circumstances.

Next time you go out on stage try to look the part from the first second to the last of your entire show. Don’t miss a beat in performance and attitude, because the audience will catch you if you do and they will judge you by it.

A show is a show for a reason. No one wants to see everyday (or worse) faces on stage.

Give them what they came for. They will love you for it (though they might not even notice it).

Photo by Distan under a cc license

Ghostbusters vs. Producer. Who you gonna call?

[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Pump up your Game”]
If you want to learn an instrument you’ll call a music teacher.

If you want to learn to lose weight you’ll call a personal trainer.

If you want to learn ice skating you’ll call an ice skate instructor.

If you want to learn math you’ll call a tutor.

If you want to learn to act on stage you’ll call an acting teacher.

If you’re a writer and want to learn how to put your play on stage you’ll call a theater producer.

If you want to learn how to perform music on stage. Who you gonna call?

If you live in the USA, you’ll call this guy.

If you live in Germany, you’ll call me.

photo by Gage Skidmore on a Creative Commons License