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Here you’ll find articles about shows I’m playing, other peoples shows and general appearance announcements.

3 artist cut-up – tilmann krumrey – klangfest

I’m excited about new projects that are opening up left and right. from sounddesign to festivals to live cut up collages.

met with sabine menne and gabriela weitenauer today to plan our stint at ursula repüblik (26 march). don’t miss this one! the works of 3 artists (sabine menne, gabriela weitenauer and myself) cut up and put together as one big live collage will kill anything that’s ever been invented since sliced bread!

I’m especially looking forward to being part of the exhibition of tilmann krumrey’s sculpture kain & abel mid april at muc852. having met tilmann for the first time yesterday, I feel very fortunate to be working with such an exquisit artist. I don’t want to give it all away so stay tuned for what’s going to be an incredible experience for those who can come out to face the sculpture in the flesh! dates will be announced soon.

then there’s the first ever klangfest in munich (22 may), which I’m delighted about. 29 great bands on 4 stages in one day. bavaria’s music producers and labels are presenting their artists at one of munich’s most prestigious arenas. of course, I’ll be part of it.

schwabing loves “ursula repüblik” loves artists

just wanted to say thanks for the cool presentation of my concert on your blog, ursula repüblik! die repüblik hosts a festival about good old schwabing (schwabing 2.0),  munich’s oldest artist quarter, which, after sporting only creepy disco joints for years, now is on it’s best way to being cool again.

cafe’s like frau viola and vereinsheim jump-started it, many cool places followed and are still following.

now there’s a new kid on the block, and she loves artists.

thanks for being cool!

Les 7 doigts de la main – art creates life

yesterday frau viola took me out to munich’s tollwood festival to see a performance called la vie, the 7 fingers. it was spectacular and once again confirmed my belief that art releases the sort of energy that enables us to live a meanigful life.

I can’t remember anyone adding more meaning to my life than artists and their works. art touches people’s inner sanctum and releases positive, creative and life embracing energy.  an artless society is fascism. don’t let art dissapear from your life or your neighborhood. it’s important, it breaks down borders, it is life.

if you can, check them out Les 7 doigts de la main live shows here, it’s not only wonderful fun entertainment but one of the most skillfully performed and touching shows (without being cheesy) I’ve seen in a long time.