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Dead On Arrival E-book Excerpts

I got asked by a few people to post some excerpts of the dead on arrival e-book so they can get an idea of what it’s all about. here they are, for all you loyal people who support my art. thank’s a 1000 times.

first one is circus circus, second there aren’t just flowers in the garden. for those interested in the tech. I produced both songs using propellerheads reason for the beats, then added the real instruments in the studio.

listen to circus circus
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listen to “there aren’t just flowers in the garden”
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you can buy the ebook here

Dead On Arrival E-Book and Music

here it is finally, as promised. the Dead On Arrival E-Book and Music. I put together pics, scores of the music and personal notes and turned them into an E-Book including all 25 tracks at $30.

Dead On Arrival is my 2009 cut-ups experiment inspired by william burroughs. the performance has been very successful here in munich.

click the button below to get all the goodies right away.

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I use e-junkie as the shopping platform. it’s save, fast and you’ll have the goods right on your screen within 2 minutes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the music and the book as much as I enjoyed making it!

bayardo san roman



I got up early the next morning and went for a swim
I waved again as I sped out of town
watched to see what I would do
now I’m walking down the street until I’m gone

I passed myself again and waived
sipping rum out of a bottle
a man, who would tomorrow morning be a fugitive
how long could I be here
thinking my own thoughts

now I feel a hundred years old
although I hoped I never make 30
I just take off all my dreams
hang them by the door
put all my fortunes in a hat
leave it on the stoop outside
cause tonight I’ll drink the madness of 100 broken dreams

100 broken dreams of madness I’ll drink tonight
cause the sink
it leaves a hat in fortunes
put the door beneath them
hang my dreams and just take off

I used to be 30
never make hope
though one hundred years old I feel

thinking thoughts
here could I be
a fugitive morning
would I out of a bottle sipping rum
wave and again pass me

I’m gone until the street I’m walking now would do what I see
out of town I sped
again waved for a swim
went the next morning