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Step outside your circle

For an adventurous french film maker I played some foley. As I drift more and more into the field of sound design I realize I’m going back to my roots more and more.

In 1998 I had a huge and liberating encounter with french bassist Joelle Leandre, a colleague of John Cage. I went to Paris to take lessons with her and that’s when I realized that sound is music. Any sound in this world is music.

So being a foley artist is like playing music to me, only with sounds of shoes, cloth and things like ductape to create the feel of a cigarette burning.

At this time I’m learning from a sound designer who works for cinema and creates incredible worlds of sounds to make the pictures bigger than life.

Take that to music and you’ve got a whole different approach to generating sound, live and in the studio.

I guess the lesson is to step outside, do something that doesn’t seem to be connected to you. Learn it and you will make you view your life in a totally new and rich way.

Step outside your circle.

Breakdown on Paradise Blvd.

The Baby at work. After launching CD Baby, bilding it, selling it and living a minimalist life, Derek Sivers gave the creative world an exceptional tool to publish and market their work. The folks who took over the operation from Derek continue his work in an excellent way and have since built various possibilities for artists to promote their work.For independent artists like us (me & you) it is a perfct world to go public with our work, make it available in the main channels that once were only accessible by major label artists. The world has changed many years ago and continues to change. More and more artists find new ways to work on their art, to find an audience and release art to their audience. Derek was one of the founders of that new and extraordinary world.

I was lucky enough to have met him in person and can say from that experience that the man really lives what he preaches.

For us artists it means that we can strive and make a living and make more art for our audiences.

I just remembered that today when I realizend I have already sold more of my work through CD Baby and Film Baby than any other outlet.

To celebrate I want to draw attention to some other heroes of mine who made a living in unconventional ways. The DVD I made in 2008 is dedicated to all these heroes.

I called this show a “showdown in three acts”. Together with Hester Boverhuis of Amsterdam I wrote this show in 2003.

We performed it at a Munich gallery called Lothringer 13. The show is a trip to subcontious parts of the brain. Based on the experimental gonzo lifestyle and writings of Hunter Thompson and William Burroughs the show contains cut-ups of texts by Burroughs, Thompson and the Grimm brothers, plus fragments taken from a conversation of David Bowie and William Burroughs.

We staged exceptional surreal circumstances of life in sound, word and picture and recorded the show in Amsterdam the same year. After a hard fight to get funding for the post production, I was able to finally finish it in 2008, five years after the performance.

It is now a supercool dvd with 5.1. surround sound, the original stereotrack and stunning visuals. A real trip, I’m proud to say!

Get it now for free (only pay the shipping)! Send an email to

(As long as I have some in stock!)

Build and destroy. Do it like a kid.

Today at the playground with my kids. They build sandcastles like maniacs, with total devotion, not noticing anything that goes on around them. After they’re done, what do they do? They destroy everything.

“Why do you do that?” I hear someone say.

Here’s why. Because it’s not about having the castle. It’s about building it. Kids learn by building things. They then destroy everything so they can build (=learn) some more.

When do we get trained to think that it’s better to have things instead of creating things?

Create and learn. Start now.