The thing I like most about playing live is that there are no rules. Of course, there are a million rules, but rule number one is always: Whatever happens on stage IS the show. And therefore I say, there are no rules.

Whatever you want your show to be, that’s what it can be.

In the words of Derek Sivers, “Build your own Utopia”. He refered to building a business such as CD Baby. He did it his way, with his personality poured into the company 100%.  His thank you email has become famous.

With that in mind,  go ahead and build your own Utopia, your own show. It’s your music, your show, you are the performer, so please don’t just do what you think is right, but instead create something so over the edge that people will start talking about it.

Build your own Utopia. Am I repeating myself?

Well, I guess it’s time to stop typing this blogpost and start building something.


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