here’s something I found recently. I’m an avid follower of “inside the actor’s studio” in new york. when they talk with alec baldwin he describes a relaxation technique he’s been using for centuries. interesting enough, I do the same exercise before shows and it helps me tremenduously to relax and get in the zone. I didn’t know it was actually a technique until I saw alec talk about it. I just thought I tend to go into narcolepsy mode before my shows and that’s it, haha…

here’s what you do:

sit down in a comfortable armchair or sofa backstage, just before your show. find a postition you could sleep in (don’t fall asleep!). then observe your body from your ancles up to your head and find out where you hold tension in your body. you don’t nescessarily have to release that tension. the important part is to be aware of it, knowing where it is.

easy. you’ll be surprised at how this simple exercise will get you into the zone, relax you and get you 100% into the moment, where you need to be when you perform.

try it and let me know ho it’s working out for you!

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