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Daily Archives: January 26, 2009

wetten, dass…?

besides being an artist and composer I  (over the last couple of years) produced numerous soundscapes for europes biggest live tv event (15million viewers average) „wetten, dass…?“

it features german showmaster thomas gottschalk who guides through an elaborate show of celebrities, risky and funny games, and high impact showacts.

glad to be part of it!

Breakdown On Paradise Blvd. – DVD (limited release)

breakdown on paradise blvd.

we did the show in early 2003. recorded the material in 2003 in amsterdam at studio le roy.

I mixed everything at realistic sound and it sounded too good to be true. but after that I was off to other projects so quickly that the material ended up sitting in my studio for all these years collecting dust.

in 2008 I packed the project on my bike and headed to msm studios in munich to let them see and hear the material. the music was finished. only the visual material we used at the show was as raw as it was 5 years ago.

they listened only for a little bit and said it would be a shame to release it in just stereo sound. if it was to become a DVD, as I had suggested, it should be surround mega double triple fat sounding! ok, I gave them the thumbs up and a couple of weeks later they let me listen to what they’ve done. I was blown away! to have all the little sound effects created on two computers combined with acoustic bass and a voice (hester boverhuis) from heaven in surround sound is like being the main character invented by william burroughs himself.

the video material ended up being a 40 minute video installation that’ll flip all your senses!

the DVD it now out on

una sera come un altra – shortfilm

carlo magaletti asked me to write music for his theatrical short film “una sera come un altra” in 2008. after fooling around with a couple of musical sketches that didn’t work with his idea of the film, I picked up the bass and just played some improvised soundscapes for him. within 2 minutes we found what he wanted.

so we experimented with sounds on the bass and finally went into the studio to record a theme we liked together with ulrich wangenheim. we basically chose one theme and improvised with it, giving it a new color everytime we played it. we recorded at realistic sound in munich with florian oestreicher.

finally I went back and built some beats around one of the improvisations for the end credits of the movie.

carlo showed the film in july 2008 at an art gallery in munich. it will go out to some film festivals and we’re curious how it will do…

I also have to mention the fabulous lead actress katja lechthaler, who plays the role of a woman who is getting more and more terrified by the shalowness of her surrounding companions.

I’ll keep you posted!