To make the experience superb for your fans during a show you have to create some magic moments musically.

How to create those moments depends on the music you’re playing, but there are some universal musical concepts to take into consideration.

You can integrate them into your arrangements no matter what style of music you are playing. Think of your music as an idea, a concept, a movement, instead of just songs.

Some ideas worth contemplating:

  • Jean Jaques Rousseau tells us that “Melody arises from harmony”
  • A melody can be a motif
  • A melody can be an intervall
  • Every sound is a color. The way you compose the colors make the “sound-picture” or sound design (What’s the sound design of your band?)
  • Sound can be a structure element (not only verses or choruses, but sound colors)
  • Melodies can be linear (motifs make meldies stand out from the chords)
  • Melodies can be vertical (within the chord which gives them a high degree of fusion with the chords of a song)
  • Rhythm can be structural
  • Rhythm can be levitating (avoid to start and/or finish a rhythmic figure on the 1 or any other downbeat)
  • Repeat rhythmic patterns on different (non congruent) beats

When you rearrange your music for the live show, think of colors, moods, emotions and create these by implementing new musical concepts.

Happy arranging!

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